It is becoming increasingly commonplace for an employer to include a soft skill list of requirements in its job description when posting an open position, it needs to fill. Soft skills are the skills, habits, and attitudes every worker in any occupation needs to obtain, maintain and progress in employment. Here are the three soft skills you need if you expect to succeed in the business world.



One of an essential soft skill necessary for business is communication. This doesn’t mean that you must be a brilliant speaker like President Obama but rather means you need to learn how to express yourself very well so that others know exactly what it is you’re trying to say. A good communicator knows how to write a coherent memo and can persuade and inspire others with effective presentations. You will almost always find communication on every soft skill list an employer adds to a job description as it’s essential that you know how to effectively communicate with others in the business world.

If your communication skills are not the greatest, consider looking around online for soft skills training videos that teach communication skills. Once you learn how to communicate well you will be able to negotiate those deals with clients, speak to your boss effectively about a raise and talk to your team members about projects while getting your message across well. It’s common for highly qualified professionals to be stopped dead in their tracks when trying to climb the corporate ladder because they simply are poor communicators who can’t’ convey their messages effectively.


In today’s technologically-driven and rapidly evolving business environment, it’s very important that you can adapt to changes and manage multiple tasks. There are many soft skills training videos and courses available which focus on teaching you how to be adaptable, so you can adjust quickly to sudden changes that are common in the business world. The reason adaptability is one of the most important soft skills to possess is that it’s important to be able to anticipate changes and adjust your thinking or methods used for completing tasks on time in case circumstances change or new demands are made.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving is truly one of the most important soft skills to possess. It’s common for problem-solving to be included on a soft skill list in a job description because employers are looking for workers who don’t have to run to their bosses for a solution every time there is a problem to solve. It’s also a soft skill that you’ll be challenged to display whenever you sit through an interview as it’s common to ask a potential employer how they would solve a problem. A good problem solver can not only come up with a solution but also will be able to explain what they did, how they approached the problem and how they involved others to find the solution.

Don’t let your lack of soft skills keep you from succeeding in the business world. There are many soft skills training videos available online which can help you brush up on these important skills so that you can be a better business person who’s destined to succeed, regardless of what business you happen to be in!