Every employer places a lot of emphasis on competence and the right skills on a candidate before employing them in their organizations. Every job has its own specific abilities, skills, and knowledge needed but besides that, every employer looks for general behaviors and competence that are essential in any successful working environment. More often, candidates usually overlook these basic skills, but they are the qualities that most recruitment professionals look for a job seeker. Here are the most important skills to getting a job:



Many employers usually ask the job seeker to submit their application forms online and to attach a covering letter and the CV. The person applying for the job needs to show and convince the employer that he/she can write succinctly and clearly in all formats. Your spelling and grammar must be excellent because if they are not, it will work against the candidate. Having good writing skills is very important thus it should be taken very seriously by the person seeking the job. A lot of work is done through writing hence the employer cannot risk employing somebody who does not have good writing skills.


Literacy basically means reading and understanding. Employers usually look for a person who can read and comprehend what he/she has read correctly. Every employer must test the literacy skills of the person seeking the job before employing him or her. Following instruction is one way of showing that you are literate, and you know what you are doing. If the employer assesses you and finds out that you don’t have good analytical and comprehension skill, there are very minimal chances of you securing a job. The person seeking the job should, therefore, have good literacy skills to increase the chances of securing a job.


Just like writing, this skill is usually built up over the years. You need to convince the employer that you can do basic numeracy without experiencing any problem. Most jobs, especially retail jobs, entails a lot of calculations hence employers cannot risk employing a person who doesn’t have good numeracy skills.


This is a skill that is closely linked to communication. Employers usually look for a person who can verbally or visually present information in a manner that the audience listening can be able to hear and understand what you are talking about. As an employee sometimes, you may be required to present to people and therefore employers look for a person who has good presentation skills.


This is a skill that involves sorting objects or information so that they become easy to find anytime they are needed. One good example of good organization skills is time management. Employers want a person who can manage time well and that can only happen if you have good organization skills. People who are well organized also know how to prioritize.


Every employer wants to recruit a candidate who is confident. The candidate must also know the difference between confidence and arrogance. Confidence comes in two dimensions. The first one is having self-confidence and the second one is having confidence in the company that you work for and in your colleagues. Every employment has its own challenges and employer needs a person who will always find a way through even if the going gets tough.

In conclusion, any person seeking a job needs to have essential skills. Most employers don’t only look at your papers; they also look at other essential skills like confidence, presentation, organization, writing, literacy, and numeracy because they want the best package.